Figgate Park

The Figgate Park lies in the east of Edinburgh, nestled neatly between Duddingston and Portobello. It is almost exactly a kilometre long, west to east, from Duddingston road to Baileyfield Road, following the line of the Figgate Burn.


The park has a wonderful mix of wild areas at either end of the flowing burn, and large grassy expanses. There are even a few picnic tables.


At the east end the burn is partly diverted into a large pond, which used to be a claypit, supplying clay to the potteries in Portobello. It is now home to a dazzling array of wildlife, including occasional visits from a kingfisher. You can find more information on our wildlife page.


A play area lies to the north of here, and there is a boundary with the historic Craigentinny train depot, which celebrated its centenary in 2015.

The park is well used and visited by locals, walking dogs, playing, feeding the ducks; but also by people from further afield who recognise this as one of the most pleasant parks in the city to stroll around. This is helped, in part, by an active Friends committee, and regular volunteers, who aim to keep the park tidy and as free of litter as possible. There are also plenty of plans afoot to make the area even more attractive to people, wildlife and plants.