Playpark Appeal

This page will be a source of information / alerts / updates for everything ‘play park’.  Please keep checking in for information on how you can get involved and have your voice heard.  A strong community voice has influence and can make good things happen.

Help .... Our playpark is disappearing

The Friends of Figgate Park believe the play park area is overdue an upgrade.  We believe children, parents, carers and grandparents will benefit by having a safe and fun place to play and meet others in our beautiful park.
If we are going to secure funding to take this project forward, we need to demonstrate to funders and politicians that we have the support of our community.

 Whatever your view please let us know by clicking the link below and completing the survey

Playpark Appeal

Every pound will count. Become a 'backer' and help us show funders how much you support this project. Localgiving can collect Gift Aid on our behalf so please tick the box if you are a tax payer and your donation will be worth an additional 25%.

We have been waiting so long for it to be ‘our turn’ – our turn for some funding to bring our playpark back up to scratch, fit for purpose and able to provide for the children and young people of all the communities that surround and use the Figgate Park.  

With budgetary cuts and hard decisions taken across all of Edinburgh we understood why we needed to wait.   However when the Edinburgh Playpark Development plan was ‘restarted’ after being put on hold for four years we discovered that we were in a very long queue behind many other community parks so we thought we should try a different approach.

If we could find some seed money then perhaps we could use this to help attract other funders and be pro-active in generating the money required to upgrade our playpark.

Thank you to Edinburgh Parks and Greenspace for finding 30K to help get the ball rolling.

If you are able to be actively involved in our working group  we would really appreciate the help and support. email


 If you are a local business and would consider sponsoring a piece of equipment please get in touch. email