Playpark background

Unfortunately we fell at the first hurdle when trying to secure this seed funding last year in November 2018. ………………. 

We had been offered 25K from Portobello & Craigmiller Neighbourhood Partnership towards a playpark upgrade on the proviso it was matched by Duddingston & Craigentinny Neighbourhoood Partnership.  

Duddingston & Craigentinny Neighbourhood Partnership unfortunately did not want to match the 25K so instead of a potential 50K to use as seed funding we ended up with nothing.

We were unsuccessful in securing any money from D&C NP as their funding panel (made up of three local representatives) had already made decisions based on a series of local ‘pop up’ consultations …. one of these decisions was to build a multi-game area in the Northfield end of the park with a new access through to Northfield Drive.  

This was an ambitious project that would have had an estimated cost at least 70K once all the ground works and new access works were costed in.  The project went through to the feasibility stage but was knocked back for a number of reasons.  However several parties involved in the feasibility study recommended that the multi game pitch should be located on the site of the existing playpark area.  

Sadly that recommendation did not get taken forward by Duddingston & Craigentinny Neighbourhood Partnership.

So it was back to square one for the Figgate playpark until very recently when Edinburgh Parks & Greenspace found 30K within their budget to give to the Figgate Play park area.   30K as a starting pot for other funding.  

As a group and as a community we now need to reach out to our local Councillors and community representatives who have an influence on the local budget spends to see if we can possibly get some more CEC funding to increase our seed funding pot.

If we can increase this pot of seed money then we are in a much better position to reach out for match funding from other sources.