Our Projects

Some of the things we have done

Tree Trail

Our Local Giving membership allowed us to access a Magic Little Grant from The Postcode Community Trust, this money along with some support from CEC parks we have now finished installing 18 tree ID posts (May 2019) We are currently working on a Tree Trail Map that besides having information about some of the trees and information about where particular wildlife resides in the park will also show distances between certain posts to encourage the less able to increase their walking distances a little at a time in the park.

Duck Feeding Signs

We are currently working on some permanent signage to go by the pond/boardwalk to encourage folk to feed the ducks alternative healthier food options like oats, peas, corn, seeds and lettuce rather than bread.

New Perennial Wildflower Meadow

This is a newly planted area for 2019... a large area on the slope on the east side of the pond has been sown with perennial wildflower seed and planted with 600 perennial wildflower plug plants. There is an annual in the mix for a show this year but this area is planned to get better as the years go by with some minimal maintenance. We will sow some yellow rattle on the boundary with the grass in the Autumn to 'hold back' the invasion of rye grass and we will also be planting this area with white daffodils and some other early spring bulbs this Autumn.

Volunteer Storage Container

This hugely useful addition was installed in December 2017 with funding from the Neighbourhood Partnership Fund. The Craigentinny Train Depot help us to fund the Artwork and that was completed in early 2018 The Friends Group now have a store for Tools, Clean Up Kit, Water Testing equipment and other bits and bobs......

Fruity Corner

Fruity Corner is our 'edible' area ...... with an initial grant from the Peoples Postcode Trust awarded in Spring 2017 we turned a bare and unloved siding into a beautiful growing space with fruit trees, bushes and edible plants and herbs. If you'd like to work on this ongoing project with us, please get in touch!

Sapling Nursery

At the end of October 2016 we started the groundwork with the help of the 'Dirty Weekenders' to prepare for the planting of hundreds of saplings. We have since moved a few of these saplings on to other sites in the Park and will continue this thinning/relocating over another couple of growing seasons.

Figgy Kids Flier

Figgy Kids

Figgy Kids has been running since June 2016. Our youngest volunteers attend a session once a month to take on small gardening and conservation tasks, litter picking and other nature themed activities.

Figgy Do

We held a community event in 2016 to help raise the profile of our group and encourage more folk to become volunteers. We made a giant spiders web between two trees, served tea and cake and had circus, parkour and yarn workshops for children. There was face painting, a photographic exhibition and we were joined by some local musicians. A new mural was also installed on the day to cover up the graffiti on one side of the electricity substation. We would love to have a Figgy Do Two but we need a small sub-committee to take this on ... fancy coming onboard?

Living Willow Structures

A willow tunnel and several small structures were planted early in 2016 and have become the focus for a well-used natural play area.

Bug Hotel and Wildlife Bank

In November 2015 we ‘upcycled’ five supermarket trolleys to build a large Bug Hotel into a grass bank near the pond. We also planted the bank to create an area that increases biodiversity, benefits wildlife and adds colour to the park.

Community Bird Table & Bench

We approached the Craigentinny Train Depot in the early part of 2015 to see if they could help us make a Community Bird Table for the Park..... this amazing collaborative project meant we now have two totally unique sculptural pieces made from train wheel setts in the Figgate Park which were installed in December 2015.

Butterfly Border

Planted in early 2015 this project saw a large barren slope transformed into a colourful and biodiverse border. Not a tidy border but brimming with nectar rich planting that attracts butterflies & bees.

Art Under the Bridge

This well loved mural has transformed the space under the road bridge that was previously gloomy and covered in graffiti. Completed in June 2015 with funding from the Neighbourhood Partnership Fund the project involved pupils from local Primary Schools.

On-going Planting

Besides our specific planting projects the Friends Group are continuously planting in the Park ... the area by the ATC hut, feature planting along the Burn, wetland plants close to the pond, saplings throughout the park, autumn bulb planting each year, the beautiful Autumnalis by the wildflower meadow, perennials, berry producing shrubs, specimen trees and also donated trees looking for a new home 🙂