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Our local landscape was once known as the Figgate Muir. It was an expanse of moorland through which tthe Figgate Burn flowed from Duddingston Loch to the sea.

The name 'Figgate' was thought to have come from the Saxon term for "cow's ditch" and the land would have been used for pasture.

The area we now know as the Figgate Park was originally part of the Abercorn Estate and was one of several clay pits within the area that provided clay for the local brick works and Buchan pottery in Portobello.

The burn running though the Park is known locally as the Figgate Burn, or Figgy Burn, but it is part of the Braid Burn which originates from the Braid Hills.

Figgate Park was formally opened as a park in 1938.



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