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The Figgate Friends Committee is working hard on improvements to the park, and ehre are just a few of the things we're hoping to put in place in 2015.

New Bird Feeders
After some new nestboxes were put up, we have collaborated with Virgin East Coast at the Craigentinny Train Depot, who are producing two bird tables / feeders for us, created out of old train wheel sets. Keep an eye out for these structural masterpieces being put in place.

Bridge Art under Mountcastle Drive
Working closely with local schools, and a fantastic outdoor artist, the area under the bridge at Mountcastle Drive is going to undergo something of a transformation, meaning it will no longer be an area for graffiti tags.

School Talks
Members of the committee and the council will be visiting the three schools that border the park in 2015 to talk about the art under the bridge, but also about the history and wildlife in and around the park.

Tree Planting
It won't have escaped anyone's notice just how many trees have been lost to the strong winds over the last few years, but help is at hand after securing hundreds of new saplings, which will be planted in stages to replace the lost trees, and add to the number.

Upgrading the Play Park
Long needed, and we're in discussions with the council on just what can be achieved, and when. Keep watching these pages, as well as the blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, for updates.


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