Play Park Update

The community feedback that we collected in November 2019 (1000 online survey replies and 900 individual pupil questionnaires) informed this playpark proposal a year ago. At the start of 2020 the Figgate Play Park Working Group had secured part of the funding required to redevelop the playpark then of course the pandemic hit and we were forced to put our lives and efforts on hold!

During the past year it became even more apparent just how important our local outside spaces are and how vital play areas are for our children. With this in mind we met again early in 2021 and had it confirmed that the money previously pledged by the City of Edinburgh Council is thankfully still secured…phew!

So we currently have 70K secured for the playpark and Edinburgh Lothian Greenspace Trust (ELGT) who are working in partnership with Edinburgh City Council and ourselves, are putting in a bid shortly to hopefully secure another 40K. We are still short of our target and will continue to seek the shortfall in the coming months. If you have recently won the lottery or would like to support/sponsor part of the playpark then please let us know