Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde have been our nesting resident pair of swans in the Figgy for many years now. Bonnie came to the Figgy in 2002 when she was around two years old and she is apparently on her third husband (we should have named her Zsa Zsa!)

Clyde suffers from an arthritic condition in one of his legs and means he can struggle to get about on dry land. This condition is exacerbated by stress so potentially the next few months while he is protecting his nest and this years signets might not be so easy for him.

Unusually late last year another pair arrived on the pond. There has been lots of feather fluster since their arrival but several months down the line and they are still here and we now have two pairs of nesting swans on the pond. We will wait and see what happens over the next few weeks and months.

We can only hope that they are able to keep tolerating each other and if they do we will need to name the second pair 🙂

Currently Bonnie and Clyde are nesting by the boardwalk with four eggs on the nest and the newbies are on the island so we are unable to confirm how many (if any) eggs they have.

Signets usually hatch in early May